Jeffrey Groff

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UNLABELLED We investigated the use of a reservoir device for delivery of a MDI bronchodilator aerosol using a lung model of an intubated, mechanically ventilated adult. METHODS Albuterol (Proventil) was delivered with a MDI using three methods. In method 1, the MDI was attached directly onto the ETT using a commercially available actuator/adapter. In(More)
Inner cell masses (ICM) and embryonic discs from bovine and porcine blastocysts of various ages were transplanted under the kidney capsule of athymic (nude) mice to evaluate growth of teratocarcinomas containing both differentiated tissues and undifferentiated stem cells. Inner cell masses were isolated immunosurgically from Day 8, Day 9 and Day 10 porcine(More)
We report a simple, enzymatic method for determining angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE; EC in serum. The proposed method features coupling an established reaction catalyzed by gamma-glutamyltransferase (GGT; EC to the ACE reaction, which releases glycylglycine from the artificial substrate hippuryl-glycyl-glycine. The glycyl-glycine(More)
To determine the completeness of glucose recovery into its metabolic products, adipocyte glucose utilization was compared by two different methods in a basal and in an insulin-stimulated metabolic state. One of the methods (product summation) is based on the recovery of (( U-14C ))-labeled glucose in carbon dioxide and triglyceride, together with the assay(More)
Automation of a Kinetic Method for Determining Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme in Serum, James L. Groff,’ Roman B. Rutkowski,2 3 and Nancy B. Brantley3 (1 Dept. of Med. Technol., Georgia State Univ., Univ. Plaza, Atlanta, GA 30303; 2 Depts. of Pathol. and Lab. Med., Emory Univ., 1841 Clifton Rd., Atlanta, GA 30329; and Grady Health Systems, Clin. Lab., 80(More)
Olfactory systems must solve a difficult combinatorial problem. Based on the architecture of the first synaptic relay of the olfactory system, we developed a model using Hodgkin-Huxley like equations to examine how local inhibition can contribute to developing a pattern of spiking activity that is related to features of synaptic input such as input(More)
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