Jeffrey Gray

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We introduce a distinction between cortical dominance and cortical deference, and apply it to various examples of neural plasticity in which input is rerouted intermodally or intramodally to nonstandard cortical targets. In some cases but not others, cortical activity 'defers' to the nonstandard sources of input. We ask why, consider some possible(More)
Recently research on imitation and its role in social cognition has been flourishing across various disciplines. After briefly reviewing these developments under the headings of behavior, subpersonal mechanisms, and functions of imitation, I advance the shared circuits hypothesis. This hypothesis about subpersonal functional architecture describes a unified(More)
Product names are necessary to report factually on available data; however, the USDA neither guarantees nor warrants the standard of the product, and the use of the name by USDA implies no approval of the product to the exclusion of others that may also be suitable. Summary Purpose: To investigate whether feed trucks and feed could be sources of Salmonella(More)
The conduct of randomized controlled trials in livestock with production, health and food-safety outcomes presents unique challenges that may not be adequately reported in trial reports. The objective of this project was to modify the CONSORT (Consolidated Standards of Reporting Trials) statement to reflect the unique aspects of reporting these livestock(More)
Escherichia coli O157:H7 was recovered from colon fecal samples of pigs. Polymerase chain reaction confirmed two genotypes: isolates harboring the eaeA, stx(1), and stx(2) genes and isolates harboring the eaeA, stx(1), and hly(933) genes. We demonstrate that swine in the United States can harbor potentially pathogenic E. coli O157:H7.
As Medicaid expands in scope and influence, it is evolving toward being a "purchaser" of quality health care. This commentary discusses measurement and incentivization of clinical outcomes in Medicaid. Advantages and disadvantages of outcome versus process measures are discussed. Distinctions are drawn between the roles of Medicare and Medicaid, including(More)
We wish to respond to the letter by Shryock et al. (2005) regarding our paper (Burgos et al., 2005). Their comments were, regrettably, inaccurate. First, Shryock and colleagues contended that we tested chlorampheni-col, nalidixic acid, tetracycline, and penicillin because of their widespread use in dairy cattle. This is obviously incorrect, as some of these(More)
Philip Pettit (2003) argues that color looks should be explained in terms of manifest powers. He indicates that his view is broadly allied with our own dynamic sensorimotor approach to conscious experience (O'Regan and Noë 2001a, b, c; Hurley 1998, Hurley and Noë 2003a; Noë 2004). Pettit finds support for his view in Ivo Kohler's (1964) report of adaptation(More)
According to a recent approach to perceptual consciousness , the qualitative character of perceptual experience is determined by perceivers' implicit, practical mastery of patterns of sensorimotor dependence (i.e. patterns in the way sensory stimulation varies with movement) [1– 6]. This idea casts light on the nature of sensory modalities and on the role(More)