Jeffrey Gordon

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The ketogenic diet is increasingly used for the management of difficult-to-control seizures in children. Here, we describe the first prospective study of the effects of the diet on development, behavior, and parenting stress. Participants were 65 children (36 males, 29 females) with intractable seizures, ages 18 months to 14 years 6 months, enrolled in a(More)
For decades, progress in the field of optical (including solar) energy conversion was dominated by advances in the conventional concentrating optics and materials design. In recent years, however, conceptual and technological breakthroughs in the fields of nanophotonics and plasmonics combined with better understanding of the thermodynamics of the photon(More)
Epidemics caused by plant-pathogenic fungi are relatively rare in wild plant populations (7). Relatively constant, low disease incidence is expected in natural plant populations because environmental hetero-geneity, species richness (26,30), host density (8), genetic diversity (2,37), age structure (11), and host–pathogen coevolu-tion (36) each militate(More)
1. ABSTRACT Within a detailed balance formalism, the open circuit voltage of a solar cell can be found by taking the band gap energy and accounting for the losses associated with various sources of entropy increase. Often, the largest of these energy losses is due to the entropy associated with spontaneous emission. This entropy increase occurs because(More)
For a common class of finite-time heat transfer processes, we derive optimal heating and cooling strategies for minimizing entropy generation. Solutions pertain to a generalized heat transfer law, and are illustrated quantitatively for cases of practical interest, including Newtonian and radiative heat transfer. Optimal paths are compared with the common(More)
We review recent advances in the fundamental understanding and technological applications of radiative processes for energy harvesting, conversion, efficiency, and sustainability. State-of-the-art and remaining challenges are discussed, together with the latest developments outlined in the papers comprising this focus issue. The topics range from the(More)
A novel experimental paradigm and a novel modelling approach are presented to investigate oscillatory human motor performance by means of a key concept from condensed matter physics, namely, thermodynamic state variables. To this end, in the novel experimental paradigm participants performed pendulum swinging movements at self-selected oscillation(More)
What is a good banker? What is the economic value added of banks? The economics literature on financial intermediation focuses on the role of banks as deposit-taking institutions and as delegated monitors of borrowers. But this description barely begins to represent what banks do in a modern economy. Besides commercial lending, large banks are engaged in a(More)