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We build upon a recent stream of research that has proposed entrepreneurship as a solution to, rather than a cause of, environmental degradation. Our proposition is that under certain conditions entrepreneurs are likely to supplement, or surpass, the efforts of governments, NGOs and existing firms to achieve environmental sustainability. Entrepreneurs can(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o a b s t r a c t Available online xxxx Using insights from institutional theory, sociology, and entrepreneurship we develop and test a model of the relationship between centralized and decentralized institutions on entrepreneurial activity. We suggest that both decentralized institutions that are socially determined as well as(More)
An emerging body of scholarship examines the role that voluntary certification standards play in encouraging collective action among organizations. To date, scholars have explored various public and private drivers of such standards. However, the interaction between public, government-sponsored institutions and private institutions on the adoption of these(More)
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