Jeffrey Fortin

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  • L J W Ha€enden, V A Yaylayan, J Fortin
  • 2001
Vibrational theory of olfaction was investigated with the following three labelled analogues of benzaldehyde; 13 C 6 (ring)-benzal-dehyde, 13 CHO-benzaldehyde and benzaldehyde-d 6. Sensory analysis, by a trained panel of 30 subjects, using a duo-trio test, showed that the benzaldehyde-d 6 gave a statistically signi®cant di€erence in odour perception(More)
The construction, measurement, and modeling of an artificial cochlea (ACochlea) are presented in this paper. An artificial basilar membrane (ABM) was made by depositing discrete Cu beams on a piezomembrane substrate. Rather than two fluid channels, as in the mammalian cochlea, a single fluid channel was implemented on one side of the ABM, facilitating the(More)
The synthetic aperture focusing technique (SAFT) is a well-established method for improving the resolution of an ultrasonic image. A major shortcoming is the inherent assumption that the pulse reflected from a flaw has a spectral content that is independent of the flaw's location relative to the transducer. In this project, we address the issue by using(More)
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