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BACKGROUND We have developed a high-throughput amplification method for generating robust gene expression profiles using single cell or low RNA inputs. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS The method uses tagged priming and template-switching, resulting in the incorporation of universal PCR priming sites at both ends of the synthesized cDNA for global PCR(More)
Entity resolution (ER) is a common data cleaning task that involves determining which records from one or more data sets refer to the same real-world entities. Because a pairwise comparison of all records scales quadratically with the number of records in the data sets to be matched, it is common to use blocking or indexing techniques to reduce the number(More)
Textual databases are ubiquitous in many application domains. Examples of textual data range from names and addresses of customers to social media posts and bibliographic records. With online services, individuals are increasingly required to enter their personal details for example when purchasing products online or registering for government services,(More)
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