Jeffrey F. Porter

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Depression is among the most common psychiatric disorders seen in mental health practices. Although effective treatments for the condition exist, managed care pressures providers to utilize empirically supported, cost-effective treatments. Behavioral activation (BA) treatment for depression has emerged in recent years as a promising, cost-effective(More)
The relative contributions to sexual aggression of general sexual and aggressive motives and their respective inhibitory factors were compared. One hundred forty-three university males responded to self-report measures of sexual and aggressive drives, sex and hostility guilt, social desirability response bias, and history of coercive sexuality. With the(More)
Sexual victimization in dating relationships among female Chinese college students in Hong Kong was studied. Findings were compared to Chinese males' self-reports of sexual aggression. Nonstranger sexual victimization was common among Chinese female college students, especially for less intimate forms of sexual contact. Prevalence of sexual victimization(More)
Researchers have devoted increased attention in recent years to the measurement of sexual aggression in college populations. This review describes and critically examines current methods of measuring sexual aggression which rely on a self-reported history of such behavior. We suggest that the construct validity of these approaches can be enhanced through a(More)
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