Jeffrey F. Painter

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In scientific programming, the never-ending push to increase fidelity, flops, and physics is hitting a major barrier: scalability. In the context of this paper, we do not mean the run-time scalability of code on processors, but implementation scalability of numbers of people working on a single code. With the kinds of multi-disciplinary, multi-physics,(More)
We perform a multimodel detection and attribution study with climate model simulation output and satellite-based measurements of tropospheric and stratospheric temperature change. We use simulation output from 20 climate models participating in phase 5 of the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project. This multimodel archive provides estimates of the signal(More)
Since the late 1970s, satellite-based instruments have monitored global changes in atmospheric temperature. These measurements reveal multidecadal tropospheric warming and stratospheric cooling, punctuated by short-term volcanic signals of reverse sign. Similar long- and short-term temperature signals occur in model simulations driven by human-caused(More)
The relatively muted warming of the surface and lower troposphere since 1998 has attracted considerable attention. One contributory factor to this “warming hiatus” is an increase in volcanically induced cooling over the early 21st century. Here we identify the signals of late 20th and early 21st century volcanic activity in multiple observed climate(More)
Satellite temperature measurements do not support the recent claim of a "leveling off of warming" over the past two decades. Tropospheric warming trends over recent 20-year periods are always significantly larger (at the 10% level or better) than model estimates of 20-year trends arising from natural internal variability. Over the full 38-year period of the(More)
Jeffrey F. Painter Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Livermore, California 94551 USA ALPAL is a Macsyma-based tool that automatically generates code to solve nonlinear inte~o-differential equations, given a very high-level specification of the equations to be solved and the numerical methods to be used. The Matrix Editor is needed when implicit(More)
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