Jeffrey E. Thompson

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OBJECTIVE The purpose of our study was to compare the ability of MR spectroscopy with that of standard presurgical methods to accurately lateralize the abnormal hippocampus in a group of patients with complex partial seizures. SUBJECTS AND METHODS Ten healthy volunteers (five male, five female) without a history of seizures, significant head trauma, or(More)
We have cloned the cDNA encoding I kappa B-beta, one of the two major I kappa B isoforms in mammalian cells. The recombinant I kappa B- beta protein interacts with equal affinity to p65 and c-Rel and does not exhibit a preference between these Rel proteins. Instead the primary difference between I kapp B-alpha and I kappa B-beta is in their response to(More)
The question of whether functional residual capacity (FRC) falls in infants during active sleep has been clouded by studies using different subject groups and techniques for measurements of lung volume and determination of sleep state. Twenty healthy full-term infants within the first week of life participated in the present study. Neurophysiological and(More)
We wished to investigate the effects of sleep deprivation on sleep, arousal propensity, respiratory events and peripheral chemoresponses in healthy infants, since these effects might be relevant to mechanisms concerned with some cases of sudden infant death syndrome. Paired observations were made overnight during natural sleep and following sleep(More)
PURPOSE To describe the MR findings in six patients with recurrent cerebral astrocytomas before, immediately after, and 3 months after local immunotherapy with tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes and interleukin-2. METHODS Contrast-enhanced MR studies were obtained in six patients (three with anaplastic astrocytoma and three with glioblastoma multiforme) at(More)
PURPOSE To describe the MR imaging findings in five children with proved L-carnitine deficiency. METHODS MR imaging studies (five without contrast, two with contrast) were obtained in five children (mean age, 9 years) who presented with stroke symptoms and who proved to have L-carnitine deficiency as established by serum levels. RESULTS In three of five(More)
The cardiovascular (CV) surgery department at Mayo Clinic is planning recovery bed (ICU and step down) needs for the next 10 years. While the current practice focuses on high service level (60% ICU utilization level), e.g., zero surgery cancelation, no shared rooms and no early discharges due to overloading; expected increasing patient volumes will require(More)
Choristomas, masses of normal tissues in aberrant locations, contain smooth muscle fibers and fibrous tissues. We describe the MR imaging features of two choristomas located in the internal auditory canals and arising from the facial and vestibulocochlear nerves. Both lesions enhanced with contrast material. In one case, enhancement was seen in the(More)