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Perceived disorientation: an examination of a new measure to assess Web design effectiveness. (1991). A metric for hypertext usability. ACM Systems Documentation '91, 95-104. (1997). Usability studies and designing navigational aids for the World Wide Web. Sixth International World Wide Web Conference. (1995). The continuous zoom: a constrained fisheye(More)
Early stopping (ES) methods reduce the average number of iterations required for decoding turbo codes. These methods monitor the generated outputs along the iterations to terminate the loop once this output reaches a satisfactory level of reliability. It is the norm among the published ES methods to be applied after the output of the second decoder becomes(More)
This work describes a new systematic construction approach for irregular low-density parity-check codes based on the splitting-and-filling technique. The generated code using this proposed method not only has a given degree distribution pair but also has girth of at least six. More importantly, by carefully filling the elements of the variable (check) node(More)
Hopfield Neural Network has been used to solve the constraints satisfaction problems. To make these networks solve problem in real time, independent of the size, would require building a massively parallel structure. A CMOS circuit can be used to construct such network to find the solution. Current CMOS technology is reaching its physical limitation in deep(More)
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