Jeffrey D. Russell

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DEPARTMENTS 5 Letters to the Editor Reader Service Cards, p. 117. 8 From the Editors-in-Chief Order Form, p. 119. 92 MicroLaw 94 MicroNews: Reportfrom Infocom 82 Computer Society Membership Application, p. 3. 97 New Products 102 Product Summary 106 Access: Recent Articles and Books on Microcomputing If you belong to any IEEE society 115 Professional(More)
Diagnosability without fault repair of a digital system containing at most t faults is considered. A system-level diagnostic model defined in an earlier paper [1] is employed. The model is to an extent independent of the means used to implement diagnostic procedures, i.e., whether the tests are accomplished via hardware, software, or combinations thereof.(More)
The set covering problem is considered and an efficient procedure for finding an irredundant cover is presented. For an <italic>m</italic> &#215; <italic>n</italic> cover table, the execution time of the procedure is, in the worst case, proportional to <italic>mn</italic>. Methods are suggested for obtaining alternate irredundant covers based on an(More)
An elderly female patient is described in whom rapid severe weight loss appeared initially to be of psychogenic origin and self-induced. A diagnosis of late-onset anorexia nervosa or anorexia tardive was made when early investigations revealed no abnormality apart from changes that were consistent with malnutrition, and when typical behavioural and(More)