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Quantitative determination of farnesyl and geranylgeranyl diphosphate levels in mammalian tissue.
This method allows for determination of FPP and GGPP concentrations in any tissue type and is sensitive enough to detect changes following treatment with inhibitors of isoprenoid biosynthesis. Expand
Pseudohypericin is necessary for the light-activated inhibition of prostaglandin E2 pathways by a 4 component system mimicking an Hypericum perforatum fraction.
The Hp fraction and selected constituents from this fraction showed evidence of blocking pro-inflammatory mediators but not enhancing inflammation-suppressing mediators. Expand
Hypericum in infection: Identification of anti-viral and anti-inflammatory constituents
The Iowa Center for Research on Botanical Dietary Supplements seeks to optimize Echinacea, Hypericum, and Prunella botanical supplements for human-health benefit, emphasizing anti-viral,Expand
Synthesis of nonracemic 3-deoxyschweinfurthin B.
This represents the first synthesis of the tetracyclic schweinfurthin skeleton, validating the overall synthetic strategy and providing the first schwe infurthin analogue with activity slightly greater than those of the natural products. Expand
Total synthesis of (R,R,R)- and (S,S,S)-schweinfurthin F: differences of bioactivity in the enantiomeric series.
Comparisons of spectral data and optical rotations with those reported for the natural product, as well as a variety of bioassay data, allow assignment of the natural material as the (R,R, R)-isomer. Expand
Synthesis and structure-activity studies of schweinfurthin B analogs: Evidence for the importance of a D-ring hydrogen bond donor in expression of differential cytotoxicity.
Together, these assay results indicate the importance of at least one free phenol group on the aromatic D-ring of this system for differential cytotoxicity. Expand
Targeting protein geranylgeranylation slows tumor development in a murine model of prostate cancer metastasis
GGOHBP significantly reduced whole body tumor burden, significantly slowed the development of tumors, and prolonged overall survival as compared to vehicle treated animals, reiterating a role for protein geranylgeranylation in theDevelopment of prostate cancer metastasis in vivo. Expand
3-Deoxyschweinfurthin B Lowers Cholesterol Levels by Decreasing Synthesis and Increasing Export in Cultured Cancer Cell Lines
The data suggest that cholesterol homeostasis plays a significant role in the growth inhibitory activity of the schweinfurthins and may elucidate a mechanism that can be targeted in human cancers such as GBM. Expand
The Mevalonate Pathway and Terpenes: a Diversity of Chemopreventatives
Purpose of ReviewThe goal of the present review is to give an overview of the most recent papers demonstrating the chemoprevention effects of terpenes. We were interested in showing the structuralExpand
BF3 x Et2O-mediated cascade cyclizations: synthesis of schweinfurthins F and G.
The total synthesis of the natural stilbene (+)-schweinfurthin G has been accomplished through a sequence based on an efficient cationic cascade cyclization through a novel reaction with a phenolic oxygen "protected" as its MOM ether. Expand