Jeffrey D. Gabe

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An antigenic surface protein of Eimeria tenella sporozoites has been identified that is the target of two neutralizing monoclonal antibodies Ptn 7.2A4/4 and Ptn 9.9D12. The antigen as isolated from the parasite is composed of a 17 kDa polypeptide and a 8 kDa polypeptide linked by a disulfide bridge. De novo synthesis of the antigen does not begin until(More)
We describe a novel MxA gene-induction assay for type I interferons (IFN-alpha and IFN-beta) based on the specific induction of the MxA gene in cultured human cells. Accumulated intracellular MxA protein is determined by immunologic measurement by a rapid method using commercially available materials. IFN activity can be measured accurately over a(More)
A tandemly linked set of four open reading frames (ORFs), identified as vspA-D (variable surface protein) had been identified from previous cloning and sequencing of clones from a genomic library constructed from Brachyspira hyodysenteriae strain B204. The predicted translation products of these closely related genes were homologous to (but not identical(More)
We have adapted the meiotic recombination hotspot cog of Neurospora crassa for shuffling exogenous DNA, providing a means of generating novel genes in situ from sequences introduced into chromosomes. Genes to be diversified are inserted between the his-3 locus and cog. Diversification crosses are heterozygous both for alleles of the exogenous DNA and for(More)
We have adapted the new MxA gene-induction bioassay to measure neutralizing antibodies to interferon-beta1b (IFN-beta1b, the active ingredient in Betaseron) in sera from patients treated with Betaseron. This antibody assay has been validated to quantify neutralizing titers of 1:20 and above, with a precision of +/- 0.20 in log10. We have used this MxA(More)
RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES To establish the feasibility of using contrast-enhanced interstitial ultrasound (US) lymphography as an alternative to current sentinel node detection methods. METHODS Aqueous US contrast microbubble suspensions of varying diameter were evaluated in vitro to characterize response to insonation. Contrast media were then injected(More)
cDNA libraries have been constructed in the plasmid vector pUC18 with mRNA isolated from both epimastigotes and trypomastigotes of the Peru strain of Trypanosoma cruzi. Pools of randomly selected clones were analyzed by hybridization-selection-translation. Translation products were immunoprecipitated either with normal human sera or with sera from patients(More)
A tandem pair of nearly identical genes from Serpulina hyodysenteriae (B204) were cloned and sequenced. The full open reading frame of one gene and the partial open reading frame of the neighboring gene appear to encode secreted proteins which are homologous to, yet distinct from, the 39-kDa extracytoplasmic protein purified from the membrane fraction of S.(More)