Jeffrey D Cash

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To determine the effectiveness of nonoperative and operative treatment of initial acute patellar dislocation, we reviewed the charts of 399 patients with the diagnosis of an acute dislocation, seen during a 30 year period. One hundred patients (103 knees) met the criteria for inclusion in the study. The average age of the patient at injury was 21.7 years(More)
Thirteen patients with the nephrotic syndrome were treated with a high-protein diet, a 0.5 g sodium intake (equivalent to 1.3 g sodium chloride), and frusemide in increasing dosage. One became oedema-free with frusemide 240 mg daily, three became oedema-free with frusemide 500 mg daily, and two required a combination of high-dose frusemide and(More)
Low birth weight infants, preterm infants with respiratory distress syndrome and mature infants with asphyxia were screened for coagulation abnormalities as soon as possible after birth. Those with abnormal haemostasis were assigned to control or treatment groups and, in the latter case, were given prothrombin complex concentrate, cryoprecipitate or(More)
Adrenaline, noradrenaline, isoprenaline and salbutamol were infused at the rate of 7 mug/min for 30 min into 5 healthy subjects. Pulse rates showed a marked increase after isoprenaline, a moderate increase after adrenaline and salbutamol, and a consistent decrease after noradrenaline. The total leucocyte counts increased in response to adrenaline and(More)
This experiment assessed the effects of training history on resurgence in three college students. Four-choice arbitrary-matching-to-sample trials occurred in two components of a multiple schedule. An A1 or A2 sample stimulus and four (B) comparison stimuli occurred on AB trials, and a C1 or C2 sample stimulus and four (D) comparison stimuli occurred on CD(More)
A platelet specific protein, beta-thromboglobulin, is liberated during the preparation of platelet poor plasma. Using combinations of different anticoagulant and anti-platelet compounds, this release can be significantly reduced. The best results were obtained when native blood was collected as soon as possible into a mixture of EDTA, prostaglandin E1 and(More)
The plasma concentration of the platelet-specific protein beta-thromboglobulin was measured in fourteen patients who had been investigated for deep venous thrombosis by venography or 125I-fibrinogen scanning. All six patients with a proven thrombus had a raised plasma concentration of beta-thromboglobulin. Eight patients in whom no thrombus could be(More)