Jeffrey D Cash

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The plasma concentration of the platelet-specific protein beta-thromboglobulin was measured in fourteen patients who had been investigated for deep venous thrombosis by venography or 125I-fibrinogen scanning. All six patients with a proven thrombus had a raised plasma concentration of beta-thromboglobulin. Eight patients in whom no thrombus could be(More)
This experiment assessed the effects of training history on resurgence in three college students. Four-choice arbitrary-matching-to-sample trials occurred in two components of a multiple schedule. An A1 or A2 sample stimulus and four (B) comparison stimuli occurred on AB trials, and a C1 or C2 sample stimulus and four (D) comparison stimuli occurred on CD(More)
The European Commission's proposals need rethinking The support given by blood transfusion services to health care programmes is unique and essential for modern medical practice. The wellbeing of these services should therefore be jealously guarded by the communities they serve and should reflect the nature of the support of the many thousands of associated(More)
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