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This presentation addresses the current status of the solution to the Inverse Problem of Bioelectricity. Its focus lies on applications in the field of electro-cardiography. The topic discussed is also relevant in other medical domains, such as electroencephalography, electroneurography and electromyography. In such domains the methodology involved rests on(More)
Created through a student-tested, faculty-approved review process with nearly 100 students and faculty, BSTAT is an engaging and accessible solution to accommodate the diverse. This third edition can be used effectively in either a one-semester or two-semester statistics course. While the material has been compressed to permit a streamlined discussion.(More)
Ementa Os tópicos especiais têm característica de efemeridade: são oferecidos na medida em que há uma compreensão de sua necessidade e oportunidade. São propostos ao Colegiado do Programa que tem a competência para aprová-los e definir a sua carga horária. Inicialmente, os tópicos especiais apresentados são: (TE – 1), Tomada de decisão nas organizações; (TE(More)