Jeffrey D. Brennan

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This paper describes the design of a direct manipulation user interface for Boolean information retrieval. Intended to overcome the difficulties of manipulating explicit Boolean queries as well as the “black box” drawbacks of so-called natural language query systems, the interface presents a two-dimensional graphical representation of a user's(More)
A 42-year-old white man presented with cognitive impairment and behavioral changes followed by rapidly progressive motor and gait impairment. Magnetic resonance imaging revealed striking multifocal white matter signal change, areas of restricted diffusion, diffuse callosal signal change, and atrophy and hyperintensity of the corticospinal tracts. A broad(More)
We describe a 56-year-old patient with progressive cognitive decline in the context of heavy tobacco use and migraine, and imaging evidence of an occlusive terminal cerebral vasculopathy. The results of brain biopsy recapitulated the pathological features described by Lindenberg and Spatz in their classic 1939 treatise on cerebral thromboangiitis(More)
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