Jeffrey C Wagner

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Epidemiological and environmental surveys in the Cappadocian region of Turkey have linked the high incidence of pleural and peritoneal mesothelioma in the occupants of some villages with the zeolite fibres released from the locally occurring volcanic tuff. In view of the low ambient fibre concentrations and the extraordinary incidence of mesothelioma a(More)
Tremolite is an amphibole which has been implicated in a variety of disease patterns in different parts of the world. It occurs in a number of phases, which are chemically identical but have specific physical characteristics. In an attempt to clarify the epidemiological findings, tremolite fibres of 3 specific forms--A, B and C--were characterized and(More)
In the period 1966-82 lungs from 333 workers who had been employed at a Royal Naval dockyard were referred to the MRC Pneumoconiosis Unit where they were investigated for the severity of asbestosis, the presence of tumours, and an assessment of mineral fibre content and the type and amount of mineral present. The occupational exposure to mineral dust has(More)
OBJECTIVES We present a case of acute motor axonal neuropathy in a patient with previously unrecognized human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection. METHODS A 46-year-old male graduate student from Mali, Africa presented with a 3-week history of progressive weakness that began during a visit home from Utah. The symptoms stabilized by 6 weeks and(More)
Lungs from seven cases of diffuse pleural fibrosis with known asbestos exposure were studied to determine the gross and microscopic pathological features and relate these to the analysed mineral fibre content of the lung. All seven individuals had had substantial exposure, ranging from two to 25 years, and chronic chest problems and at necropsy all cases(More)
There is a chrysotile mine in the central mountains of Cyprus but no other appreciable source of industrial asbestos. Hence the island was thought to offer ideal conditions to seek pure chrysotile induced mesothelioma. The first reported case was a village woman whose lung tissue contained amphibole asbestos fibres, which were later identified as tremolite.(More)
A post-mortem survey of emphysema in coalworkers and non-coalworkers was carried out in men aged 50-70 years dying of ischaemic heart disease (IHD). It was determined that in such men selection for necropsy was similar in coalworkers and non-coalworkers. All lungs were examined in a standard way and the amounts of centrilobular and panacinar emphysema were(More)
Standard (UICC) crocidolite was subjected to ball milling to reduce the length of the fibre. These milled materials and the original standard sample were injected into the pleural cavity of rats to determine their ability to induce mesothelioma. Previous in vitro work on the same materials had suggested that biological activity was related to fibres greater(More)
It has already been established that a single intrapleural inoculation of crystalline silica (quartz) produces malignant lymphomas of histiocytic type (MLHT) in Wistar-derived rats. It has now been shown that after treatment with Min-U-Sil, rats of the Alderley Park strain have a tumour incidence of 35%, whereas the incidence in Agus rats is 5% and in PVG(More)
The Cape Boards Plant at Uxbridge produced insulation board containing amosite asbestos between 1947 and 1973 with only small amounts of chrysotile. After 1973 only amosite was used. In this study we examined lung samples from 48 workers who had been employed at the plant and who had come to autopsy. The study investigated the fiber levels against the lung(More)