Jeffrey Burstein

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Injury to the inferior alveolar nerve during implant placement in the posterior atrophic mandible is a rare but serious complication. Although a preoperative computerized tomography scan can help determine the distance from the alveolar ridge to the nerve canal, variables such as magnification errors, ridge anatomy, and operator technique can increase the(More)
Ridge contour defects around dental implants are caused by underlying bony defects. Although adequate bone may exist to obtain stability of the implant, irregular bony anatomy can result in an unnatural appearance of the final crown. Particulate onlay grafting to support the peri-implant soft tissue along with tension-free closure while using pedicle(More)
Ectodermal dysplasia is a syndrome in which 2 ectodermally derived structures fail to develop. Patients have a reduced number of teeth, and dental implant reconstruction is the preferred method of replacing teeth. We report the use of the tent pole technique in the severely resorbed mandible with sinus lifts and block grafting in the maxilla to restore the(More)
OBJECTIVES Alveolar ridge augmentation using intraoral autogenous block grafts to augment localized alveolar ridge defects before implant placement is a predictable method. However, large severely atrophic edentulous segments may require extraoral donor sites. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of using intraoral cortical block(More)
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