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Comic Book Masculinity and the New Black Superhero.
Following in the footsteps of feminist scholarship there have, in recent years, been a number of studies which have begun to consider masculinity, particularly heterosexual masculinity, as a socialExpand
Comic Book Fandom and Cultural Capital
La bande-dessinee a toujours ete consideree comme un genre mineur, souvent decrie et conferant peu de capital culturel, suivant la definition de Bourdieu. Cet article se penche sur le processus deExpand
Black Superheroes, Milestone Comics, and Their Fans
What do the comic book figures Static, Hardware, and Icon all have in common? Black Superheroes, Milestone Comics, and Their Fans gives an answer that goes far beyond "tights and capes," an answerExpand
Gender, Sexuality, and Toughness: The Bad Girls of Action Film and Comic Books
Gear magazine’s review of the film The Transporter (2002), opens with the declaration that “director, writer and producer Luc Besson knows better than most how to make a beautiful woman even moreExpand
Non-Nuclear Compaction Gauge Comparison Study
class and feminine excess: the strange case of Anna Nicole Smith
Cultural concerns about race, class and beauty often intersect with mass-mediated depictions of the female body. Drawing on Foucault's theories about disciplining the public body, this articleExpand
The Superhero Film Parody and Hegemonic Masculinity
The top-ranked television situation comedy The Big Bang Theory (Chuck Lorre, 2007–present) has been credited with helping to popularize geek culture. The four main male characters (Leonard, Sheldon...
Gender and the Action Heroine: Hardbodies and the "Point of No Return"
The figure of the tough heroine in early 1990s action films crosses variable gender boundaries; she is a performance of masculinity in Aliens and Terminator and is the reinscription of a feminineExpand
Reciprocal human-natural system feedback loops within the invasion process
It is proposed that the invasion process could be subdivided into three CHANS that span from the source region from which non-natives originate to the recipient region in which they establish and spread and specific examples of feedback loops that occur within each CHANS are provided. Expand