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The scanning electron microscope was used to examine fallopian tubes removed from 18 women including 3 on the low dose progestin contraceptive .5 mg megestrol acetate, 3 on different combined oral contraceptives, 3 fertile and 3 postmenopausal women on .05 mg ethinyl estradiol, 3 women 18-20 weeks pregnant, and 3 transsexuals injected monthly with 250 mg(More)
Auf Grund ~hnlicher Beobachtungen an wachsenden Hefezellen 1 war es naheliegend, als Ursache des erh6hten TPN-Umsatzes in der cancerisierenden Leber eine dutch die gesteigerte Zellregeneration bedingte Vermehrung TPNIt-verbrauehender, reduktiver Synthesen anzunehmen. Es wurde deshalb in regenerierenden und eancerisierenden Lebern der zeitliche Zusammenhang(More)
Für einige Pharmaka, die — wenn sie 1 oder 11/2 Std vorher gegeben werden — die Narkosedauer verlängern, wurde an Mäusen untersucht, ob sie — wenn sie einen oder mehrere Tage vorher gegeben werden — die Dauer der Hexobarbital-Narkose verkürzen können. Hydroxyzin, Chlorpromazin, Promazin, Orphenadrin, Phenobarbital, Glutethimid, Urethan, Trimethadion,(More)
Cold-stored milk lipolysis was enhanced from 5- to 50-fold when milk pH was adjusted to 7-8 with NaOH, while it was greatly decreased or stopped by an adjustment to pH 6-5.5 with citric acid. Small adjustments in pH (less than or equal to 0.5 pH unit) also affected lipolysis, but the pH of native milk was not related to spontaneous lipolysis. The binding of(More)
The absolute flux scale below 408 MHz is currently rather uncertain, with typical uncertainties between 300 and 20 MHz in the range of 10-20%. Accurate spectral index work requires uncertainties well below 5%. The uncertainties can be reduced by adding new observations at low frequencies of radio sources acting as calibrators. With the arrival of digitized(More)
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