Jeffrey Borwey

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We are concerned with an appropriate mathematical measure of resilience in the face of targeted node attacks for arbitrary degree networks, and subsequently comparing the resilience of different scale-free network models with the proposed measure. We strongly motivate our resilience measure termed vertex attack tolerance (VAT), which is denoted(More)
We consider a schema for graph-theoretic clustering of data using a node-based resilience measure called vertex attack tolerance (VAT). Resilience measures indicate worst case (critical) attack sets of edges or nodes in a network whose removal disconnects the graph into separate connected components: the resulting components form the basis for candidate(More)
This paper examines a schema for graph-theoretic clustering using node-based resilience measures. Node-based resilience measures optimize an objective based on a critical set of nodes whose removal causes some severity of disconnection in the network. Beyond presenting a general framework for the usage of node based resilience measures for variations of(More)
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