Jeffrey Bookwalter

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Records of 792 patients with differentiated thyroid carcinoma seen at the Lahey Clinic Foundation over a 40-year period were analyzed; 631 patients had a minimum followup period of 15 years. Differentiated types currently constitute nearly 90% of thyroid carcinomas. The clinical presentation has improved substantially through the years, and the results of(More)
In summary, the goal of lowering operating room costs by reducing the number of persons needed for safe performance of operations is an important stimulus to the improvement and refinement of table-fixed retractor systems. Far more important in my view, however, is the need for a convenient system that can reliably replace extra help in emergency situations(More)
A review of seven carotid body tumors less than 5 cm in diameter confirms the thesis of other recent reports that such tumors can be resected with minimal morbidity. In two of our cases, initial exploration and biopsy were performed not suspecting the nature of the neck mass; in one of these, hypoglossal and facial nerve deficits resulted. Angiography was(More)
Two cases of hilar bile duct cancer are presented, 1 treated with the preferred technique of left intrahepatic anastomosis, the other with tube drainage. The many factors to be considered before choosing the most appropriate procedure are stressed. A critique of several techniques is offered, with a discussion of the nuances in decision making. The surgeon(More)
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