Jeffrey Bibeau

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Tip growth is essential for land colonization by bryophytes, plant sexual reproduction and water and nutrient uptake. Because this specialized form of polarized cell growth requires both a dynamic actin cytoskeleton and active secretion, it has been proposed that the F-actin-associated motor myosin XI is essential for this process. Nevertheless, a spatial(More)
Kinesins are an ancient superfamily of microtubule dependent motors. They participate in an extensive and diverse list of essential cellular functions, including mitosis, cytokinesis, cell polarization, cell elongation, flagellar development, and intracellular transport. Based on phylogenetic relationships, the kinesin superfamily has been subdivided into(More)
In plants, light determines chloroplast position; these organelles show avoidance and accumulation responses in high and low fluence-rate light, respectively. Chloroplast motility in response to light is driven by cytoskeletal elements. The actin cytoskeleton mediates chloroplast photorelocation responses in Arabidopsis thaliana. In contrast, in the moss(More)
Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching (FRAP) is a commonly used technique for quantifying the movement of small biological systems. To aid in the evaluation of experimentally produced data, we used the parallel processing power offered by Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) to accelerate a computational simulation of the process. We find that the parallel(More)
This protocol describes a quantitative analysis of the morphology of small plants from the moss Physcomitrella patens. The protocol can be used for the analysis of growth phenotypes produced by transient RNA interference or for the analysis of stable mutant plants. Information is presented to guide the investigator in the choice of vectors and basic(More)
was set in flow tube and guided by continuous flow pump to the sample flow pass. The retardation of the sample plasma was calculated from CCD images which was obtained by system at every 5 seconds. After confirming sufficient aggregation of fibrin, heparin was injected to the sample flow pass so as to activate fibrinolytic system of blood. Result: The(More)
Filamentous actin has been shown to be essential for tip growth in an array of plant models, including Physcomitrella patens. One hypothesis is that diffusion can transport secretory vesicles, while actin plays a regulatory role during secretion. Alternatively, it is possible that actin-based transport is necessary to overcome vesicle transport limitations(More)
Understanding plant growth and development is essential to develop the future technologies necessary to meet the anticipated needs of a growing world population. Because plant growth is a manifestation of cellular growth, it is of prime importance to develop a mechanistic understanding of plant cell growth. Transport of cellular cargo, such as proteins, in(More)
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