Jeffrey B. Webb

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Two cases of the 'Shrinking Lungs Syndrome' in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus are described to highlight an infrequently recognised feature of this condition. Respiratory muscle weakness, improved by steroid therapy, was demonstrated in each patient and considered to be the mechanism underlying the respiratory symptoms.
We present a prospective randomized trial of two groups of 50 patients each having complete zone 5 and 6 extensor tendon injuries. These were rehabilitated by the use of either a dynamic outrigger splint or a palmar blocking splint. The results were analysed using the Miller and TAM assessments. Good and excellent results were achieved in 95 and 98% of(More)
A 34-year-old woman with scleroderma was admitted to hospital with pain and weakness of her left foot. She was subsequently shown to have developed a popliteal artery occlusion associated with progressive lower limb ischaemia. This culminated in below-knee amputation. Marked intimal hyperplasia of the large vessels in the leg was noted histologically. An(More)
Pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics models were designed and integrated into the BioGears® physiology engine to address the need for real time drug effects for varying patients and injury profiles. Ten drugs were validated using experimental and subject matter expert data. The plasma concentration curves had a good fit with experimental data and 48 of 50(More)
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