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Cellular insulin uptake is influenced by poly-L-arginine, poly-L-lysine and DEAE-dextran. In this study it is asked for the mechanisms of these influences as well as for the cytotoxicity of different concentrations of these substances. The experiments aim to contribute to the knowledge on toxic concentrations of polycations.
QUESTION The reliability of statements and the reproducibility of results derived from experiments on cell cultures are dependent on the use of practicable methods for most objective assay of the state of the cells. The experiments were to clarify the following questions: 1. Is it possible to assay vital and nonvital cells by use of the dye exclusion test(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop mathematical models for predicting level of independence with specific functional outcomes 1 year after discharge from inpatient rehabilitation for spinal cord injury. DESIGN Statistical analyses using artificial neural networks and logistic regression. SETTING Retrospective analysis of data from the national, multicenter Spinal(More)