Jeffrey Allen

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Highly emphasized in entrepreneurial practice, business models have received limited attention from researchers. No consensus exists regarding the definition, nature, structure, and evolution of business models. Still, the business model holds promise as a unifying unit of analysis that can facilitate theory development in entrepreneurship. This article(More)
The aims of the SpeechDat-Car project are to develop a set of speech databases to support training and testing of multilingual speech recognition applications in the car environment. As a result, a total of ten (10) equivalent and similar resources will be created. The 10 languages are Danish, British English, Finnish, Flemish/Dutch, French, German, Greek,(More)
Methylmercury (MeHg) is a significant environmental contaminant that will continue to pose great risk to human health. Considerable attention in the scientific and health policy fora is focused on the question of whether MeHg intake from a diet high in fish is associated with aberrant CNS function. A number of recent studies (Kjellstrom et al., 1986:(More)
This paper examines long-term block ownership by corporations and performance changes in firms with corporate block owners. We also examine potential reasons for corporate ownership including benefits in product market relationships, alleviation of financing constraints, and board monitoring by corporate owners. We find the largest significant increases in(More)
One of the vitally important functions of glutathione (GSH) is to adequately protect cells against toxic chemicals, reactive oxygen metabolites and free radical species. The amino acid, cysteine, is the key rate-limiting substrate for the biosynthesis of GSH, and the maintenance of adequate intracellular GSH levels is dependent upon the extracellular(More)
Astrocytes are essential for removal of glutamate from the extracellular space in the central nervous system. The neurotoxic heavy metal methylmercury potently and specifically inhibits the transport of glutamate in cultured astrocytes by an unknown mechanism. Glutamate transport in astrocytes is also inhibited by reactive oxygen species. A(More)
This study proposes a managerial discretion hypothesis of equity carve-outs in which managers value control over assets and are reluctant to carve out suhsidiaries. Thus, managers undertake carve-outs only when the firm is capital constrained. Consistent with this hypothesis, firms that carve out suhsidiaries exhihit poor operating performance and high(More)
Neuroglial cells of the central nervous system include the astrocytes, oligodendrocytes, and microglia. Their counterparts in the peripheral nervous system are the Schwann cells. The term neuroglia comes from an erroneous concept originally coined by Virchow (1850), in which he envisioned the neurons to be embedded in a layer of connective tissue. The term,(More)
Maintenance of the ionic and osmotic composition of the extracellular fluid (ECF) is essential for the optimal functioning of the central nervous system (CNS). Changes in ion and neurotransmitter levels in the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) can have profound effects on the processing and transmission of neuronal signals. Cell swelling during correction of(More)
Methylmercury (MeHg) is a highly neurotoxic, environmentally ubiquitous chemical that exerts its toxic effects by largely unknown mechanisms. Maintenance of optimal intracellular concentrations of glutathione (GSH) is vital for cellular defenses against damage from free radicals. Since astrocytes play an essential role in providing GSH precursors to(More)