Jeffrey A Zapfe

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Although genetic influences on individual differences in activity level (AL) are well documented, few studies have considered the etiology of AL from a contextual perspective. In the present study, cross-situational and context-specific genetic effects on individual differences in AL at age 2 were examined. The AL of 312 twin pairs (144 monozygotic and 168(More)
Transportation-related environmental noise studies, particularly those associated with rail traffic, often require long term measurements near existing rights of way. In addition to the sound produced by passing vehicles, it is also useful to know their speed. Previously, speed measurements have generally required an additional piece of instrumentation,(More)
Laboratory and manufacturing facilities are frequently located in areas that experience high-frequency (greater than 30 Hz) environmental vibration. Such vibrations are a concern for the proper functioning of sensitive laboratory devices, precision manufacturing equipment as well as human comfort. A simple method to accurately predict the magnitude of(More)
Point force impedance expressions have been previously developed for infinite Kirchhoff and Mindlin plates. The present work develops impedance expressions for the more general case of an infinite plate with a circular, massless, rigid plug using both Kirchhoff and Mindlin plate theories. The models have been developed to analyze vibration propagation in(More)
The concept of cancellation of constant-frequency sound radiated from a vibrating surface by means of an attached mechanical oscillator is discussed. It is observed that the mass of a mechanical oscillator whose spring is attached to the vibrating surface will vibrate at comparatively large amplitudes and out of phase with that surface, provided that the(More)
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