Jeffrey A Weisz

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The known functions of the Golgi complex include the sorting, packaging, post-translational modification, and transport of secretory proteins, membrane proteins, and lipids. Other functions still remain elusive to cell biologists. With the goal of identifying novel Golgi proteins, a proteomics project was undertaken to map the major proteins of the(More)
LINE-1, or L1, is a non-LTR retrotransposon in mammals. Retrotransposition of L1 requires the action of two element-encoded proteins, ORF1p and ORF2p. ORF2p provides essential enzymatic activities for the reverse transcription and integration of a newly transposed copy of L1, whereas the exact role of ORF1p is less well understood. The 43 kDa ORF1p(More)
To prepare for the healthcare industry's transition to value-based care, Mayo Clinic Health System implemented a new, value-focused physician compensation plan as part of a larger initiative aimed at systemwide clinical integration. The plan uses three value-based metrics, focusing on outcomes, safety, and patient experience, that initially would determine(More)
Jeffrey Weisz, Md, (left) is the Executive Medical Director of the Southern California Permanente Medical group. E-mail: nancy h spiegel, Ms, (right) is the Manager of leadership and Organization Development for the Southern California Permanente Medical group. E-mail: In July 2007, the Southern California(More)
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