Jeffrey A. Strakowski

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Three individuals with C4 or C5 spinal cord injuries (SCI) were seen in follow-up for management of their late complications, which included impaired ventilation. Electrodiagnostic studies were performed on all three as part of the assessment of the function of their phrenic nerves and diaphragm muscles in relation to their need for mechanical ventilator(More)
OBJECTIVE Electromyographers must reliably differentiate between H reflexes and F waves when recording from the soleus muscle in the evaluation of S1 radiculopathy. The use of F waves in root-level injuries is questioned, whereas H reflexes have shown value in the evaluation of S1 radiculopathy. We studied the relationship between the tibial H reflex and F(More)
Ultrasound guidance allows real-time visualization of the needle in peripheral nerve procedures, improving accuracy and safety. Sonographic visualization of the peripheral nerve and surrounding anatomy can provide valuable information for diagnostic purposes and procedure enhancement. Common procedures discussed are the suprascapular nerve at the(More)
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