Jeffrey A. Spaeder

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This multicentre dose-finding study compared TAK-442, an oral factor Xa inhibitor, with enoxaparin for thromboprophylaxis after knee arthroplasty. In this parallel group study, patients were randomised to oral TAK-442 (40 or 80 mg once-daily [QD] or 10, 20, 40, or 80 mg twice-daily [BID] started 6-8 hours postoperatively), which was blinded as to dose, or(More)
BACKGROUND Because of potential side effects and logistical difficulty of titrating medications, outpatients with congestive heart failure rarely receive appropriate doses of carvedilol or other beta-blockers. To address these obstacles, we studied if an automated telemedicine system named TeleWatch (TW) could facilitate carvedilol titration in outpatients(More)
TeleWatch is an automated telephone/Internet-based system that collects medical product adverse event reports in real-time through an algorithm driven by the patient. 1341 patients, who received yellow fever vaccine and were recruited through 15 travel clinics, contacted the system within 48h of vaccination and 765 (57%) made follow-up contacts.(More)
TAK-442 is an oral direct factor Xa inhibitor. We sought to determine the dose-dependent effect of TAK-442 on major bleeding when added to standard treatment in stabilised patients with acute coronary syndrome (ACS). In this phase II double-blind study, 2,753 ACS patients were randomised to TAK-442 or placebo in addition to usual care using a three-stage(More)
Clinicians encounter many medical questions while providing outpatient medical care. A significant number of these questions can be answered using MEDLINE; however it has proven to be difficult to incorporate MEDLINE into routine clinical workflow and for clinicians to generate well constructed MEDLINE queries. This study however hypothesized that that(More)
PURPOSE To describe initial antihypertensive management relative to important aspects of JNC7 hypertension guidelines, to identify predictors of receiving JNC7 discordant therapy, and to determine the association between receiving JNC7-concordant antihypertensive treatment and achieving blood pressure (BP) control. This study focused on aspects of the JNC7(More)
he number of Americans with chronic illnesses is rapidly increasing, and traditional health care delivery systems cannot adequately treat them. However, automated telemedicine systems may allow effective management of these patients. The TeleWatch Patient Monitoring System was designed at APL in collaboration with Johns Hopkins Medicine Division of(More)
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