Jeffrey A. Livingston

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On the online auction site eBay, by convention, sellers do not ship goods to winning bidders until after they have received payment, so there is an opportunity for sellers to take advantage of bidders' trust. Realizing this, the designers of eBay created a system that relies on self-enforcement using reputation. Several recent studies have found that(More)
In the initial phase of a romantic relationship, excitement often reflects the reawakening of early narcissistic fantasy. For most couples, when the passionate intensity that is derived from primitive narcissism fades, the expansiveness of a developing sense of self that is a by-product of the creative process can, in turn, revitalize the partnership.(More)
Studies which seek to estimate components of the education production function, especially those that employ the " value-added " approach, almost universally assume that the production function is linear and additively separable in its inputs. This strict functional form assumes that there are no complementarities between inputs, though there are compelling(More)
Problems that arise in online markets due to asymmetric information are exacerbated by the fact that transactions in these markets are completely anonymous. The online auction mechanism provided by eBay is an example of such a market. To combat the anonymity problem, eBay allows sellers to become "ID Verified" by paying a small fee to have their identity(More)
Undiversifiable (or systematic risk) has long been an enemy of investors. Many countercyclical strategies have been developed to counter this. However, like all insurance types, these strategies are generally costly to implement, and over time can significantly reduce portfolio returns in long and extended bull markets. In this paper, we discuss an(More)
The interplay between idealization and disillusionment in the evolution of romantic love is examined. Idealization refers to the reawakening of conscious and unconscious fantasies that lovers project onto each other. Disillusionment refers to a change in perception that occurs when projections are not sustained. The optimal balance between idealization and(More)
This study begins by exploring theoretically the relationship between market power and statistical price discrimination in a simple market setting. Most importantly, our theory predicts that market power accentuates the level of statistical discrimination in this setting. We test our theory using a natural field experiment that gains identification by(More)
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