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This paper is a qualitative field report describing how undergraduate computing majors in a cooperative education (co-op) program are supporting a large company's efforts to acquire Java application development expertise and experience. The program has been in place for two years. The major finding to date is that talented undergraduate computing majors can(More)
Regulatory text is a complex network of information distinguished by technical language, large volume, and tangled concepts formed by embedded cross-references. Scattering and tangling add to the cognitive pressures on users of regulatory text. Multidimensional Separation of Concerns (MDSOC) is a software engineering method aimed at untangling source code(More)
This text is heavily oriented toward having readers design <i>and</i> implement a data base for a defined business activity, such as sales. Chapters One, "The Developing Data Base Environment," Five, "Logical Structures or Why Data Bases," and Eight, "Some Design Guidelines," contain excellent material for motivating the reader to think about the data base(More)
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