Jeffrey A. Kowalski

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Energy storage is increasingly seen as a valuable asset for electricity grids composed of high fractions of intermittent sources, such as wind power or, in developing economies, unreliable generation and transmission services. However, the potential of batteries to meet the stringent cost and durability requirements for grid applications is largely(More)
The paper consists of analysis and design of safe database system, which have to be help in operating and post-processing survey data during periodic test wire ropes. Periodic rope tests are important and essential issue during wire rope exploitation. Tests generate diagnostic data, which have to be stored, accessible and evaluated. Data can be stored in(More)
In order to understand how to bring out the most power from a car’s engine, we needed to learn how an engine works. The main focus of this research was to tune the engine and create a fuel map that would allow it to run at its optimum level. We used the Win Tec-GT computer software to test the performance of a 2002 Yamaha YZFR6 engine that the Rutgers 2008(More)
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