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The first 100 Indochinese refugee patients screened at Oakland (Calif) Children's Hospital had a remarkably high incidence of treatable infectious and parasitic diseases. The PPD skin tests were positive in 28%, and stool parasites were present in 65%. There were wide differences among the various ethnic groups in prevalence of stool parasites, anemia, and(More)
  • Abby L. Duly, Jeffrey A. Harris, Ara M. Khatchadourian, Rozi T. Ulics, Melissa C. Wolter
  • 2007
Price changes in petroleum products are closely correlated among the three price programs of the Bureau of Labor Statistics; changes in the BLS petroleum-product CPI also correlate with changes in consumer spending on those products, as measured by the Consumer Expenditure Survey P olitical events in oil-producing countries, hurricanes in the Gulf of(More)