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The present study explored the relationship between Facebook (FB) users' self-monitoring and self-reported FB honesty and the content of users' profiles. It was anticipated that high self-monitors would construct a more extraverted profile and honest FB users would construct a more conscientious profile. A content analysis of 53 cues on participants' FB(More)
Allyn Lueders (PhD University of Kansas) is an assistant professor in the Department of Communication Studies at East Texas Baptist University. Her research interests include interpersonal and nonverbal communication in online contexts, social media, and social support. [ Abstract To extend research on online impression formation and warranting theory, the(More)
Abstract Although social networking sites (SNS) have become increasingly prevalent and integrated into the lives of users, the role of SNS in courtship is relatively unknown. The present manuscript reports on the characteristics of Americans married between 2005 and 2012 who met through SNS drawn from a weighted national sample (N=18,527). Compared to other(More)
The Communicate Bond Belong (CBB) Theory is an evolutionary and motivational explanation of human communication's role in the relational functions of social interaction. CBB Theory conceives of all social interactions as energy expending, but posits that only some social interactions are striving behaviors (i.e., actions taken to satiate a need). CBB Theory(More)
The present investigation replicates O'Connor and Rosenblood's (1996) experience sampling study of the homeostatic regulation of social interaction, and addresses the statistical limitations of the original study. Using community (N = 62) and student (N = 54) samples, multilevel model results indicated that desire to be alone reduces future likelihood of(More)