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Lampreys are representatives of an ancient vertebrate lineage that diverged from our own ∼500 million years ago. By virtue of this deeply shared ancestry, the sea lamprey (P. marinus) genome is uniquely poised to provide insight into the ancestry of vertebrate genomes and the underlying principles of vertebrate biology. Here, we present the first lamprey(More)
This paper reports the identification, expression, binding kinetics, and functional studies of two novel type III lamprey GnRH receptors (lGnRH-R-2 and lGnRH-R-3) in the sea lamprey, a basal vertebrate. These novel GnRH receptors share the structural features and amino acid motifs common to other known gnathostome GnRH receptors. The ligand specificity and(More)
Two recently cloned gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) receptors (lamprey GnRH-R-2 and lamprey GnRH-R-3) along with lamprey (l) GnRH-R-1 were shown to share similar structural features and amino acid motifs common to other vertebrate receptors. Here we report on our findings of RNA expression of these three GnRH receptors in the three major life stages(More)
The present study explored the relationship between Facebook (FB) users' self-monitoring and self-reported FB honesty and the content of users' profiles. It was anticipated that high self-monitors would construct a more extraverted profile and honest FB users would construct a more conscientious profile. A content analysis of 53 cues on participants' FB(More)
Gastric infections caused by the environmentally transmitted pathogen, Vibrio parahaemolyticus, have increased over the last two decades, including in many parts of the United States (US). However, until recently, infections linked to shellfish from the cool northeastern US waters were rare. Cases have risen in the Northeast, consistent with changes in(More)
Allyn Lueders (PhD University of Kansas) is an assistant professor in the Department of Communication Studies at East Texas Baptist University. Her research interests include interpersonal and nonverbal communication in online contexts, social media, and social support. [ Abstract To extend research on online impression formation and warranting theory, the(More)
Abstract Although social networking sites (SNS) have become increasingly prevalent and integrated into the lives of users, the role of SNS in courtship is relatively unknown. The present manuscript reports on the characteristics of Americans married between 2005 and 2012 who met through SNS drawn from a weighted national sample (N=18,527). Compared to other(More)
The Communicate Bond Belong (CBB) Theory is an evolutionary and motivational explanation of human communication's role in the relational functions of social interaction. CBB Theory conceives of all social interactions as energy expending, but posits that only some social interactions are striving behaviors (i.e., actions taken to satiate a need). CBB Theory(More)