Jeffrey A Fink

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The Kimray-Greenfield venal caval filter is widely accepted as a means of preventing pulmonary embolism when medical anticoagulation has failed or complications have developed. When indicated, anticoagulants are usually resumed after placement of the filter. A retrospective study was performed comparing the thromboembolic and postphlebitic complications in(More)
A new inflatable T tube has been designed and used in the performance of completion cholangiography following exploration of the common bile duct. The T tube has proved to be useful in avoiding the time delays and frustrations associated with suturing, removal and resuturing of T tubes during identification and removal of common bile duct stones.(More)
The safety and efficacy of caval interruption has been well demonstrated. Likewise, comparisons of caval interruption and anticoagulation have shown similar rates of mean and long term clinical outcome. One concern that continues to be voiced is whether or not anticoagulation enhances venous recovery and function. The present study compares outcome by(More)
The latissimus dorsi musculocutaneous flap has proven utility in the reconstruction of defects of the breast, chest wall, head and neck, and upper extremity. As a free flap, the latissimus dorsi has become a mainstay for the coverage of severe traumatic tibial/ fibular wounds. We describe a new and useful extension of the latissimus dorsi musculocutaneous(More)
Ten mongrel dogs underwent left lower extremity in situ femoropopliteal bypass with femoral vein. A 20 to 25 cm myocutaneous bridge was left between femoral and popliteal anastomoses. A 2.8 mm angioscope was introduced intraluminally to visualize venous tributaries (VT). A balloon occlusion catheter was placed alongside the angioscope and directed in each(More)
In the first part of this experiment, the effects of pharmacotherapy on the neurologic consequences of transient global ischemia were examined in Wistar rats. The control and four experimental groups each contained six rats. In comparison to the control group receiving normal saline (NS) solution, in which no rats survived, all rats given naloxone (Nx) (23(More)
During a five year period at Akron City Hospital, 165 Greenfield filters were placed in 165 patients. Of this group, 78 patients were available for long term analysis, and of these, 42 did not receive anticoagulation treatment for venous thromboembolic diseases, either acutely or on an outpatient basis. An analysis of the outcome for these 42 patients who(More)
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