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BACKGROUND Ketamine is an N-methyl-d-aspartate receptor antagonist that has been shown to be useful in the reduction of acute postoperative pain and analgesic consumption in a variety of surgical interventions with variable routes of administration. Little is known regarding its efficacy in opiate-dependent patients with a history of chronic pain. We(More)
Financial Industry Studies is published by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. The views expressed are those of the authors and should not be attributed to the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas or the Federal Reserve System. Articles may be reprinted on the condition that the source is credited and a copy of the publication containing the reprinted article is(More)
This paper assesses the value of stock recommendations appearing in Barron's. Single-company recommendations from the Mutual Choice column, where selected mutual fund managers are asked to recommend their favorite stock, are analyzed along with the multiple-company selections appearing in periodic interviews with security analysts and portfolio managers.(More)
OBJECTIVE To report results of a survey administered to clinicians in a home health care agency regarding reasons for them to initiate consultation with a pharmacist working onsite at the agency and the perceived value of the interaction. DESIGN The survey listed 16 reasons why an agency clinician commonly makes referrals and 9 questions assessing the(More)
Drug treatment of pulmonary hypertension may be limited by systemic hypotension. Selective action of a vasodilator drug in pulmonary arteries could be achieved by administering a vasodilator gas into systemic venous blood so that it dilates pulmonary arteries before immediate first-pass elimination via exhalation. This article presents in vivo data to show(More)
In the home healthcare setting, clinicians are required to evaluate patient's medication therapy, including adherence. To facilitate this conversation, a pilot question list to help uncover potential medication nonadherence was created after completing a review of the literature and ascertaining the common themes as to why patients were nonadherent to their(More)
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