Jeffrey A. Clark

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The Canadian Penning Trap mass spectrometer has made mass measurements of 33 neutron-rich nuclides provided by the new Californium Rare Isotope Breeder Upgrade facility at Argonne National Laboratory. The studied region includes the 132Sn double shell closure and ranges in Z from In to Cs, with Sn isotopes measured out to A=135, and the typical measurement(More)
Financial Industry Studies is published by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. The views expressed are those of the authors and should not be attributed to the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas or the Federal Reserve System. Articles may be reprinted on the condition that the source is credited and a copy of the publication containing the reprinted article is(More)
A measurement of the α-β-ν[over ¯] angular correlation in the Gamow-Teller decay (8)Li→(8)Be(*)+ν[over ¯]+β, (8)Be(*)→α+α has been performed using ions confined in a linear Paul trap surrounded by silicon detectors. The energy difference spectrum of the α particles emitted along and opposite the direction of the β particle is consistent with the standard(More)
This paper assesses the value of stock recommendations appearing in Barron's. Single-company recommendations from the Mutual Choice column, where selected mutual fund managers are asked to recommend their favorite stock, are analyzed along with the multiple-company selections appearing in periodic interviews with security analysts and portfolio managers.(More)
In the standard model, the weak interaction is formulated with a purely vector-axial-vector (V-A) structure. Without restriction on the chirality of the neutrino, the most general limits on tensor currents from nuclear β decay are dominated by a single measurement of the β-ν[over ¯] correlation in ^{6}He β decay dating back over a half century. In the(More)
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