Jeffery Wilkinson

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This paper reports on a trial of vaginal products that were distributed and used by 131 women and 21 men in south west Uganda. It focuses specifically upon the issue of female control in heterosexual relationships and examines whether methods which are ostensibly under women's control, will in practice give women greater control of their sexual health.(More)
We aimed to assess the acceptability of a variety of formulations of female-controlled methods of protection against HIV and STDs among men and women in south-western Uganda. Pilot interviews were carried out with 50 men and 55 women and 25 focus group discussions (FGDs) were held with 138 women and 42 men. The female condom, foaming tablets, sponge, foam,(More)
BACKGROUND People with intellectual disabilities (ID) receive primary care in community-based practices and are encouraged to participate in the physician-patient relationship. However, the nature of this participation is not known. METHODS Qualitative data were analysed to obtain perspectives from patients and providers regarding clinic visits. Patient(More)
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