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According to current concepts, acidification of the urine in the distal tubule and final removal of bicarbonate from the glomerular filtrate occur by a process of ion exchange in which hydrogen ions within tubular cells are exchanged for sodium in the filtrate (1). It is thought that carbonic anhydrase catalyzes an essential reaction which either directly(More)
Wound-infiltrating lymphocytes (WIL) were assessed in murine models of localized sarcoma and carcinoma to evaluate the role of interleukin-2 (IL-2)-responsive lymphocytes in adjuvant immunotherapy. Following tumor resection, IL-2 or diluent was injected at the surgical site for 6 days. Surgical site tissues were harvested and digested in a triple enzyme(More)
Direct intratumoral injection of interleukin-2 (IL-2) was evaluated in a murine model. Balb/c mice received 5 × 104 Line 1 alveolar carcinoma cells (L1C2) by subcutaneous injection. On the third day following tumor implantation, mice received injections of IL-2 (5 × 103−5 × 104 units) or diluent twice daily, either by i. p. or intratumoral injection, 5(More)
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