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Flavimonas oryzihabitans is a potential pathogen that may infect patients who have major medical illnesses, especially those who are undergoing surgery or have indwelling venous catheters in situ. Flavimonas oryzihabitans has been isolated from a wide range of body sites, and the portals of entry are major wounds or implanted foreign materials. We report(More)
Producing effective therapeutic vaccines has proved much more difficult and challenging than developing cancer preventive vaccines. Despite huge research in the area of cancer immunology, FDA/EMEA have not approved any type of cancer treatment vaccine so far. More than 99% of cervical cancers have detectable amounts of human papillomavirus (HPV) DNA.(More)
The microneurographic technique of directly recording muscle sympathetic nerve activity (SNA) in conscious humans was developed over 20 yr ago, but analysis and quantification of the resultant mean voltage neurogram has been largely by visual inspection by a trained observer. Two computer-assisted methods were developed to quantitate these bursts of(More)
Hemostasis depends on an adequate number of well-functioning platelets in the circulating blood; decreasing platelet levels raise the risk for bleeding. Thrombocytopenia is a laboratory finding, not a diagnosis, and once identified, a detailed history, physical examination, and further laboratory tests are used to establish an etiology. This article reviews(More)
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