Jeffery R Kunin

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OBJECTIVE Traumatic duodenal perforation requires emergent surgery, whereas duodenal hematoma can often be treated nonsurgically. We assessed the CT findings in patients with blunt duodenal trauma to determine if CT can be used to differentiate these two duodenal injuries. MATERIAL AND METHODS Seven consecutive patients with blunt duodenal trauma (three(More)
Gynecologic malignancies are a heterogeneous group of common neoplasms and represent the fourth most common malignancy in women. Thoracic metastases exhibit various imaging patterns and are usually associated with locally invasive primary neoplasms with intra-abdominal spread. However, thoracic involvement may also occur many months to years after initial(More)
Congenital prostatic cysts are relatively uncommon and rarely symptomatic. We describe a 24-year-old man who presented with a 2-month history of anejaculation accompanied with bilateral epididymal pain. Transrectal ultrasonography of the prostate revealed a large midline prostatic cyst and bilateral dilatation of the seminal vesicles. Transrectal aspiration(More)
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