Jeffery P Hamelin

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Trabecular bone has been reported as having two-dimensional (2-D) fractal characteristics at the histological level, a finding correlated with biomechanical properties. However, several fractal dimensions (D) are known and computational ways to obtain them vary considerably. This study compared three algorithms on the same series of bone biopsies, to obtain(More)
Pelvic lymphocysts following lymphadenectomy in the management of cervical and corporeal uterine carcinoma are recorded in one third of the cases and require surgery in 2-3% of cases. In order to prevent these lymphocysts, peritoneal suturing in front of the lymph node dissection area was progressively abandoned in order to allow peritoneal resorption of(More)
Recent research has demonstrated the effectiveness of programmed instruction that integrates derived relations to teach college-level academic material. This method has been demonstrated to be effective and economical in the teaching of complex mathematics and biology concepts. Although this approach may have potential applications with other domains of(More)
The elimination of ionized urinary fluorine was studied in groups of eight subjects treated during several days with niflumic acid, flufenamic acid, sulindac, antrafenine and floctafenine. Sulindac and floctafenine do not changes this elimination. After administration of niflumic acid, flufenamic and antrafenine, the urinary elimination of ionized fluorine(More)
Pelvic lymph node invasion is an important prognostic factor for cervical cancer. It is generally accepted that iliac lymph nodes must be treated systematically, but the extent of lymph node dissections is open to discussion. One hundred and eighty two cases of cervical cancer with lymph node invasion were treated at the Institut Curie between 1960 and(More)
An osteosclerosis opacifying the axial skeleton and affecting in particular all of the spine, was observed in two women aged 75 and 42 years who had been suffering from a rheumatoid arthritis developing between 15 and 26 years. It was traced to a chronic fluorine intoxication, stemming from the regular taking, for 10 years and 8 1/2 years, of a non(More)
Researchers have evaluated active support in agencies for persons with developmental disabilities to increase staff assistance and service user engagement. A systematic review identified two studies in which researchers reported three experimental evaluations of active support. Only one experiment showed a clear functional relationship between active(More)