Jeffery M Lating

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Theorists have attempted to account for the relationship between alcohol intoxication and a wide range of aggressive behaviors by ascribing alcohol-related aggression to the disinhibiting effects of alcohol and to its disruptive effects on cognitive processes. Allocation of attention and situational threat have been thought to mediate alcohol-related(More)
This study sought to ascertain the relationship of expressive vocal behavior in a structured interview and the severity of coronary artery disease in a group of 79 patients referred for coronary angiography. One half of the structured interview was administered in a nonchallenging manner, the other half in a moderately challenging manner. In patients age 60(More)
In neuropsychological assessment, the impact of completing one measure on the performance of a second measure is often unknown. The current study examined the effect of a list-learning measure, the California Verbal Learning Test-Second Edition (CVLT-II), on a verbal fluency measure, the Delis-Kaplan Executive Functioning System Verbal Fluency subtest, when(More)
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