Jeffery M Kidd

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Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) with large allele frequency differences between human populations are relatively rare. The longest run of SNPs with an allele frequency difference of one between the Yoruba of Nigeria and the Han Chinese is found on the long arm of the X chromosome in the intergenic region separating the EDA2R and AR genes. It has been(More)
Production from pasture-based dairy farms can be increased through using N fertilizer to increase pasture grown, increasing stocking rate, importing feeds from off farm (i.e., supplementary feeds, such as cereal silages, grains, or co-product feeds), or through a combination of these strategies. Increased production can improve profitability, provided the(More)
BACKGROUND There is a paucity of knowledge about the effects of exposure to alcohol abuse in the household on women who do not abuse alcohol. The purpose of this study was to determine whether women who did not abuse alcohol demonstrated any health-related adverse effects because they lived with family members who did abuse alcohol. METHODS This study was(More)
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