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The objectives of study were to determine whether contaminant-associated immunosuppression occurs in prefledgling herring gulls and Caspian terns from the Great Lakes and to evaluate immunological biomarkers for monitoring health effects in wild birds. During 1992 to 1994, immunological responses and related variables were measured in prefledgling chicks at(More)
We outline a hybrid multiscale approach for the construction of ab initio potential energy surfaces (PESs) useful for performing six-dimensional (6D) classical or quantum mechanical molecular dynamics (MD) simulations of diatomic molecules reacting at single crystal surfaces. The algorithm implements concepts from the corrugation reduction procedure, which(More)
The dissociation of hydrogen on eight platinum surfaces, Pt(111), Pt(100), Pt(110), Pt(211), Pt(311), Pt(331), Pt(332), and Pt(533), has been studied using molecular dynamics and the reactive force field, ReaxFF. The force field, which includes the degrees of freedom of the atoms in the platinum substrate, was used unmodified with potential parameters(More)
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