Jeffery Lancaster

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We present the case of a 58-year-old diabetic renal transplant patient who developed a left jugular foramen syndrome, secondary to an ipsilateral staphylococcal malignant (necrotizing) otitis externa. This followed a protracted episode of uncomplicated otitis externa with no evidence of bone involvement on computed tomography (CT) scanning.(More)
Arkansas B1B1R, B2B2R, and B3B3R regressor lines, Arkansas B1B1Pr, B2B2Pr, and B3B3Pr progressor lines, and Giant Jungle Fowl were infested simultaneously at 28 weeks of age with northern fowl mites. The chickens were maintained in similar environments and mite ratings were recorded weekly for 5 months. No strains were completely resistant to mites, but(More)
We present a series of four patients presenting with symptoms leading to a provisional diagnosis of globus pharyngeus. On further investigation, they were all found to have small areas of abnormal mucosa in either their hypopharynx or proximal oesophagus, which on biopsy were reported as containing gastric-type mucosa. Following anti-reflux treatment, all(More)
Eight trials were conducted in the United States to determine the efficacy of eprinomectin applied topically against four common species of lice in cattle. In two dose titration trials, eprinomectin dosages of 125 to 750 mcg/kg body weight applied topically were compared to untreated controls. In dose confirmation studies, animals treated topically with(More)
Congenital dermoid cysts of the floor of the mouth are relatively rare but when they occur, they do so inevitably in the midline. We present a case of a true lateral dermoid cyst of this region without any intra-oral extension. We discuss the anatomical and histological classification of dermoid cysts within the floor of the mouth.
We report what we believe to be only the 10th case of palatal necrosis secondary to cocaine abuse in a 33-year-old female patient. Extensive necrosis also involved the cartilaginous and bony septum and paranasal sinuses. Following exclusion of other mid-line destructive diseases her treatment involved saline douches and cessation of cocaine. She remains(More)
In 1923, Masson described a neoplastic process consisting of papillary hyperplasia of the endothelial cells, with a consequent obliteration of the vascular lumen, followed later by degenerative changes. Masson coined the term vegetant intravascular haemangioendothelioma, however, these days it is more commonly known as papillary endothelial hyperplasia(More)
OBJECTIVE Several cases of severe depression after tonsillectomy have been described in children, indicating psychological trauma after surgery and hospitalization. The actual prevalence of depressive symptoms after tonsillectomy is unknown and possibly underestimated. This study aims to quantify this problem by employing current diagnostic methods. (More)
BACKGROUND Chronic sinusitis and intranasal polyps require long-term topical drug therapy. The issue of drug delivery to the critical area of the middle meatus is rarely addressed. AIM The aim of this study was to compare the delivery of drops to the middle meatus using four different head positions (Mecca, Mygind, Ragan and Head back). The study also(More)