Jeffery L. Wrana

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D-cyclins are universally dysregulated in multiple myeloma and frequently overexpressed in leukemia. To better understand the role and impact of dysregulated D-cyclins in hematologic malignancies, we conducted a high-throughput screen for inhibitors of cyclin D2 transactivation and identified 8-ethoxy-2-(4-fluorophenyl)-3-nitro-2H-chromene (S14161), which(More)
The oncogene c-maf is frequently overexpressed in multiple myeloma cell lines and patient samples and contributes to increased cellular proliferation in part by inducing cyclin D2 expression. To identify regulators of c-maf, we developed a chemical screen in NIH3T3 cells stably overexpressing c-maf and the cyclin D2 promoter driving luciferase. From a(More)
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