Jeffery L . Milleman

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AIMS The aim of this single-site, randomized, controlled, double-blind, 3-arm parallel study was to determine the effectiveness of a prophylaxis paste containing 15% calcium sodium phosphosilicate (CSPS; NovaMin(®) ) with and without fluoride in reducing dentine hypersensitivity immediately after a single application and 28 days following dental scaling and(More)
PURPOSE The primary objective of this study was to compare the effectiveness of NUPRO Sensodyne Prophylaxis Paste with NovaMin, with and without fluoride, to a standard prophylaxis paste without fluoride (control) in reducing dentin hypersensitivity immediately after a single application following dental scaling and root planing. The secondary objective was(More)
PURPOSE To compare the effectiveness in reducing plaque and gingivitis of an electric toothbrush with three-dimensional (oscillating/rotating/pulsating) brush head action, Braun Oral-B 3D Plaque Remover, and an electric toothbrush with high-frequency vibrating action, Sonicare Plus. MATERIALS AND METHODS This was a randomised, split-mouth study of 33(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of this clinical investigation was to evaluate the effectiveness in removing existing extrinsic tooth stains of a sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), dual-phase dentifrice containing calcium and phosphate (Test Dentifrice), when compared to a commercial hydrated silica dentifrice (Control Dentifrice), during a six-week period of(More)
The Sonicare FlexCare and the Oral-B Triumph Professional Care 9000 power toothbrushes were compared in a single-use, examiner-masked, crossover clinical trial. Outcomes were evaluated using the Turesky Modified Quigley-Hein (TMQH) plaque index. Percent reduction in overall plaque score because of toothbrushing was the primary efficacy measure. Subjects(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate an oscillating-rotating power brush with a novel brush head utilizing angled bristle tufts versus a manual brush for plaque removal. METHODS This was a single-center, randomized, open-label, examiner-blind, two-treatment, parallel-group study. Subjects brushed with their assigned toothbrush and a marketed dentifrice twice daily at home(More)
This pilot study investigated the effect of a remineralizing fluoride dentifrice (Enamelon) on newly formed incipient carious lesions using two methods of application. Teenage orthodontic patients with obvious white spot lesions on their teeth were selected to begin treatment within 30 days after debanding. At baseline, the surface enamel of the test teeth(More)
This clinical study compared the effect on dental calculus formation of a dual-phase fluoride dentifrice containing sodium bicarbonate, calcium, and phosphate with that of a regular dentifrice using a short-term clinical model in which calculus formation was facilitated. A total of 87 adult volunteers completed this study, which was a double-blind,(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to validate and calibrate an in vitro test method for screening the performance of peroxide-containing toothpastes against actual clinical whitening performance. An additional objective was to estimate the whitening performance of a new peroxide-additive gel using the in vitro methodology. METHODS A one-month(More)
PURPOSE The primary objective of this study was to investigate the staining profile of an experimental test dentifrice containing 0.454% w/w stannous fluoride compared to that of a marketed control dentifrice containing 0.76% w/w sodium monofluorophosphate (Colgate Cavity Protection) following regular and repeat use, with twice daily brushing over 8 weeks.(More)