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The Workplace as a Context for Cross-Cutting Political Discourse
Political dialogue among citizens offers numerous potential contributions to American politics, but attainment of these benefits hinges largely on the extent to which conversations cross lines ofExpand
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Source Cues and Policy Approval: The Cognitive Dynamics of Public Support for the Reagan Agenda
Research in the field of political cognition has proceeded at a rapid pace, offering numerous new perspectives regarding the dynamics of mass political behavior. However, the primary focus of mostExpand
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Developing Valid Knowledge Scales
central variables in research on mass political behavior, but insufficient attention has been given to the implications of alternate approaches to the measurement of political knowledge. Two issuesExpand
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The Participatory Personality: Evidence from Latin America
To a substantial extent, political participation arises as a result of individuals’ interactions with aspects of the social and political environment. The resources people amass, the socialExpand
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Newspapers and Political Awareness
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Openness, extraversion and the intention to emigrate
Abstract Economic, demographic and sociological factors influence the intention to emigrate, but variation in personality also may be consequential. In this report, data on intention to emigrate areExpand
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Policy Legitimacy and the Supreme Court: The Sources and Contexts of Legitimation
Conflicting evidence regarding the ability of the Supreme Court to confer policy legitimacy suggests that the process of legitimation is both subtle and multifaceted. Two aspects of this process areExpand
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Democratic Principles, Discrimination and Political Intolerance
Political intolerance has typically been conceptualized as an unwillingness to extend expressive rights to disliked groups or individuals. One problem with this conceptualization is that, when aExpand
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Does Familiarity Breed Contempt? The Impact of Information on Mass Attitudes toward Congress
Two features of citizen response to Congress can be taken as grounds for concern. First, Americans know relatively little about Congress, and especially about congressional procedures and policyExpand
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