Jeffery J Muir

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INTRODUCTION The presence of dense adhesions within the pericardial space complicates reoperative cardiac surgery. Prior attempts to reduce adhesion formation after primary cardiac surgery using medications or biomaterials have had variable success. Carbylan-SX (Carbylan Biosurgery Inc., Palo Alto, CA) is a hyaluronan-based biomaterial, which has been shown(More)
Cauda equina syndrome is a well described state of neurologic compromise due to lumbosacral root compression. In most cases, it is due to a herniated disc, tumor, infection, or hematoma. We report a case of rapid lumbar synovial cyst expansion leading to acute cauda equina syndrome and compare it to similar cases in the literature. The patient is a(More)
Posterior alien hand syndrome is a new addition to a poorly understood group of movement disorders. Historically, anatomical lesions causing uncontrolled limb movement and a feeling of foreignness were found to be located in the corpus callosum or frontal lobe. Recent case reports, however, demonstrate the typical symptoms of alien hand syndrome with(More)
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